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Double IPA - recipe critique

Going to take a swing at a double IPA. How does this recipe look?

OG: 1.078
FG: 1.013 (using 83% AA)
IBU: 137
SRM: 7
ABV: 8.4%

6 gallon batch

14 lbs 2-row
1 lb wheat
.5 lb Crystal 45L
.5 lb Carahell
1.5 lbs corn sugar

2 oz Galena (13.0) - 90m
1 oz Zythos (10.9) - 25m
1 oz Amarillo (9.3) - 15m
1 oz Simcoe (12.9) - 10m
1 oz Amarillo - 5m
1 oz Columbus (13.9) - 0m
1 oz Simcoe - 0m
1 oz Amarillo - 0m

2 oz Simcoe - Dry Hop
1 oz Columbus - Dry Hop
1 oz Zythos - Dry Hop

i would combine the 25 15 and 10 into one addition, maybe at 15. and bump the crystal up to 1 lb.

What is carahell? It sounds cool; I say use it.

carahell imparts a fuller rounder flavor and deep color

Thanks Speed. What’s the benefit of combining them all to one addition as opposed to spreading them out?

i guess they are so close together that you probably won’t notice any difference one way or another. i just like to add my flavor additions at15 and aroma at flameout. K.I.S.S.

Looks pretty good. Keep your crystal at 1/2 lb, and lower your sugar to .75 or 1 lb. You don’t want a thin beer. I don’t know much about Zythos, but maybe skip the 25 minute addition.

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