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Double IPA at a standstill

Evening all,

I pretty much know what I’m going to do, but thought I would discuss this with those that are more knowledgeable. I brewed a double IPA two weeks ago. The OG was 1.072 and I used a 1.5 liter starter of white labs American Ale yeast blend. After a week, I moved the beer to room temp after discovering that it was still at 1.030. It has been another week and the beer has dropped slightly to 1.026. I roused the yeast today by swirling my fermenter for a second or two. At this point should I:

A) Be patient, wait another week with beer at room temp., and hope to see it drop a few more points.


B) Pitch a packet of nottingham that I have in the fridge


Rack beer of three weeks off of a cake (Rye pale ale) of BRY-97 and then rack Double IPA onto it?

I have a few options. If it were your beer, what would you do? BTW, I’m hoping for an FG around 1.012, but then again, the yeast are in charge.



Scratch the cake idea. Here is what I might do after doing some reading. Wait 1 more week. If still high, create a starter and pitch starter at high krausen.

Waiting is (almost) always the right first step for any brewing problem. If waiting doesn’t produce the result you want, I agree with pitching more yeast; US-05 is a reliable, inexpensive alternative to a liquid with starter.

Wait, raise the temp and rouse the yeast again.

The beer has been at a temp of 78 degrees for a week. Swirled yesterday and today. Planning on waiting a week.

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