Double Diamond

Years ago my wife and I found the best beer we had ever experienced. It suddenly disappeared. Lately we are wondering if we would still like it, because we don’t really remember what it was like, and our palates have evolved since then. I really like my IPA’s nowadays. If anyone has any info on either a comparable beer still available to buy, or a recipe to brew the good old Double Diamond, we would be very appreciative. Thanks.

is this what you’re talking about?

fwiw, this is from a source that sometimes gets sh@t on in this forum…

8.75 lbs british 2 row
6 oz flaked maize
7 oz british medium crystal
6 oz toasted 2 row
3 oz british amber malt
4 oz corn sugar

60 min - 1.6 oz ekg 5%AA
15 min - 0.5 oz ekg 5%AA
15 min - 0.5 oz challenger
flameout - 0.5 oz styrian goldings
flameout - 0.5 oz fuggles

wyeast 1968

have never made it myself

Do you know who brewed it, or where? There’s no shortage of beers called “Double Diamond” out here.