Double body CO2 worth it?

Got my chest freezer and collar finished, 2 holes drilled for faucets, and a brew in the fermenter ready in 2 weeks. Just need to get the kegs, co2, temp controller, etc. Since I plan to have 2 kegs for now, should I get a double body co2 regulator, or a dual gauge with a 2-way distributor or splitter? Most of my beers will be carbed at standard ale rates (2.4 - 2.6), but just thinking if it would be nice to be able to serve at different levels. Wheat beer, bitter, etc. Are they any more fragile than the dual gauge regulators?

If you want to carb/serve at different levels you will need to have 2 different regulators.

You could start with one regulator. Then later run a line from the 1st regulator to the second one.

If you can afford the dual-regulator, it’s worth the investment - just dropped two kegs into the chest freezer a couple minutes ago and put them on the second regulator at 30 psi while keeping the other four kegs at 12 psi.

I got tired of all of the adjusting so I run distributors in both of my kegerators. I carb @ room temp with a 20lb tank on its own reg. Makes life pretty easy.

+1 I do this too, carb outside the keezer and push beer at 4psi.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]
+1 I do this too, carb outside the keezer and push beer at 4psi.[/quote]

At some point, 1/2 keg, isn’t the beer flat-ish?

4psi @32* is 2.05 volumes. The beer will be carbonated for a while. But then out gas to be at equilibrium.

4psi @40* is 1.74 volumes.

Just placed my order from The double body regulator was on backorder for weeks, so I just went with a Taprite with attached Y splitter for now. Customer service was great and I can’t wait to set everything up. I’ll probably upgrade the regulator in the future, but for now, this will work just fine. Thanks for the advice/opinions.