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Don't you hate when

I hate when you make and bottle a Mead and keep tasting hoping it gets better then finally giving up on it only to find a couple bottles after a couple years and find it delicious.


That’s why I stopped making mead!

ETA: I will say, I have enjoyed some really good meads (made by others) over the years. I just don’t have the patience.


I dug around and scrounged up 5 bottles. Guess I’ll make some more and hide them

I’ve made one batch, BOMM style, found it delicious. Perhaps I have a less discerning palate or lack of comparisons. What did you find wrong that time fixed?

It was a peach Mead and I could finally taste the peach. It was crystal clear and carbonation was perfect. Little tiny bubbles. Can’t really put my finger on it but I was never able to finish a bottle before it went flat

It’s worse when you find the bottles years later and they still suck.
I have a batch from 2015. I think I added yeast nutrients too late. Every 6 months or so I put one in the fridge. I keep looking for something to mask that fertilizer flavor.


I have some beers like that. I use them for beer bread and vinegar. Actually that Mead made a nice vinegar

The last bottle, of anything, always seems to taste the best

Is that one of those… “its all fun and games, until someone drinks the last bottle” … equations? Sneezles61


I have two like that. One mead and one cider, both still. The mead was a blueberry that turned out so dry it was undrinkable. I added sucralose to back sweeten it and now it’s not great but it is drinkable for something different. I just stuck a bottle of the cider in the fridge last week and gave it another try. Kind of the same problem as the mead. It’s so dry it tastes like rocket fuel. Might be a good to mix with fresh cider or apple juice. Both the mead and cider are at least 10 years old and the last I have made of either.

Think I will stick with brewing beer.

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I would say after 10 years it’s probably not going to improve. I like to make cider and Mead as a challenge and to have something available for gluten free or non beer drinkers. I also make wine but sometimes people want something carbonated. I used to make still Mead but seem to prefer it carbonated. Do me a favor before you dump. Add a sugar cube to a couple and see if it’s better cold and carbonated

I didn’t really expect this to be a discussion on Mead but it could be. Thought it would be fun having people finish the statement

@brew_cat do you think there will still be viable yeast to carbonate it?

Hard to say. Experiment. One add a touch of yeast just dip the sugar cube in some slurry and one don’t add yeast see what happens

Don’t you hate when…
I just got stopped while walking with an open container… a bottle of S Nevada Pale ale… on my way to the subway station with colleagues…(12 minute walk)
Officer “You aren’t from around here are you?”
Me “Yes sir I am from New York”
Officer “Then you should know…”
Me “Yes sir an open container… just a quick walk after work. No harm done I thought.”
Officer grumbles and walks away as I extend my hand for a shake.
Meanwhile we have minimalized the criminality of smoking weed on the street in these parts.


Can you still get away with putting the bottle in a brown paper bag?

There is no open container in my southern city. They were smart enough (so far) not to pass any laws because a councilman said " it’s a slippery slope, you could walk over to your neighbors house and get arrested if you have an open beer" Plus being a tourist town it’s not good for business. LEOs also have the option to let you go for less than 1 gram of weed.

My northern town like yours being in NY is the same.

Brown paper bag alerts them which is how I was spotted. It is a slippery slope. I was Wallis’s straight line. There were people on that corner not

Were you out skipping again carrying a brown paper bag. That gives it away every time

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I was also yelling “Whooohoo” and waving my arms around over my head

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I can’t walk and drink, so I’m safe… Sneezles61

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