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Don't these sound delicious

Going to be building these guys another greenhouse in August. Even though they are in my town I don’t get there often enough but I love giving them a shout out once in awhile.

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Yep, how are they?

Can’t get there until next week. Hope they don’t sell out.

They do sound good, Nice to see the Kviek hybrid in there but what is the pink granite in “OEC sour ales in pink granite”?

I used to get their emails… I think it came by way of Zwiller… I apologize I just can’t get the taste for sour brews… I may be the odd left handed duck out here… Sneezles61

Do you eat rhubarb, strawberries, lemonade, yogurt, sour cream, or cream cheese? These are all considered sour foods and it’s their balance of sour to sweet to mouth feel that makes them good. You may just not have had the right type of sour beer although you are fine with bitter I am supposing?

They have a copper coolship and a what I thought was cement one but it could be stone. I’ll check on that when I go next week

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