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Done fermenting in less than 24 hours?

Im brewing John Q. adams Lager. i put it in the fermenter, and added the yeast. The next night i checked on it, and its now bubbling air out, but there is 1.5" of white sludge at the bottom. Its as if the fermentation is done already?? This is the first time ive used this yeast. Its the one recommended with the kit to brew at ale temps. California something its called if i remember correctly. It was in a plastic pouch and i had to break an inner pouch and shake it. then let it sit for 3 hours. I did this and the pouch has swelled to about 1/2" thick before i dumped it in after aeration of the bucket. Ive never used this type of this yeast. ive only used the small yeast packets.

Does it sound like this beer is going to turn out ok? Or did something go wrong?

Sorry , make that NOT bubbling air out. I havent seen this brew bubble any air. from the time yeast was added until i checked it 24 hours later. it may have fermented??

Lack of activity through the airlock does not mean lack of or complete fermentation. Let her go at least 1-2 weeks and then take a gravity check. I’ve made this beer before but never with the California yeast. It’s a pretty good beer.

Take a hydrometer sample in a week and see where you are. Be sure that you are fermenting at 65*F or lower, that’s the temperature of the beer, not the air around it. Are you using a carboy, plastic or glass, or a bucket? The white sludge at the bottom are yeast. Lager yeast are less active then ale yeast and are called “bottom fermenting.” Keep your beer at the recommended range and you’ll be fine.


My guess is the sludge is the hot/cold break.

If pitching a smack pack I doubt that it is finished fermenting already. Possible, but not probable. I bet it has not even started to ferment.

Be patient.

Let it go for a few days. Even if it has fermented all the sugars you should give it time to clean up any the byproducts from fermentation. If you racked it off now any odd flavors that would get cleaned up will stay in your beer.

Did the temp in the room drop after the fermentation started? It may just be cooler and absorbing more CO2 right now.

I won’t throw a long acronym but try and be patient. 8^)


I don’t even think it has started yet. Depending on your yeast, you may not see activity for another 24 hours.

im fermenting in a plastic bucket in the basement. in the 50’s F down there. its been sitting there since sunday afternoon. The yeast was Wyeast 2112 california lager. Ive only used the small dry yeast packets before. I dont know if its just this style of yeast.

It’s possible your bucket lid isn’t on tight and the CO2 is escaping from the gaps. You’re on the right track, just give it some time :slight_smile:

False alarm… Its bubbling as of last night. Thanks to all for advice.

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