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Done fermenting already? Crooked Apple kit

Hi there hoping someone can help me out. I just did my first Northern Brewer Crooked Apple Hard Cider kit on Monday. It’s been sitting at about 74 degrees since Monday when I finished the first step and added the yeast. The directions say anywhere between 72-77 is great. It seems to be done fermenting already, as of Friday. No more bubbles in the airlock and also the yeast doesn’t seem to be active. The yeast sank to the bottom as well. So was 4 days really enough time for it to be done with the first step of fermentation? Should I go ahead a transfer it to the one gallon jug and add the clearing gels or wait till I hit a full week or even two? I’d appreciate any help. I followed the directions to a t and even waited to add the yeast until the temperature was correct but just wondering what I’m suppose to do now. Also the yeast sank to the bottom as soon as it was added that first day, but I didn’t stir it or anything.

Airlock activity isn’t a very good gauge of fermentation. Even after the bulk of fermentation is over the yeast stay active, cleNing up the byproducts of fermentation. Taking the cider off the yeast prevents that. Leave it be for awhile and more yeast will flocculate out. This will help in your clearing steps.

Thank you I’ll for sure leave alone. Do you think I should wait the full 14 days to be on the safe side? Not sure how to tell when it’s “done”.

You need to confirm with a hydrometer. You can lose an awful amount of product by taking readings so if this is a 1gal batch I would let it sit for 3 weeks before the next step. It should be done by then.

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