Domino Sugar "Dots" for bottle carbonation

Looked up Domino Dots again. Most of the sites I looked at showed a picture of the Dots box but were actually the regular cubes at 126 count per box. If you plan to use the Dots for carbonation make sure it is the 198 count box. 2.29 grams per cube versus the regular size cubes at 3.6 grams per cube.

Man I loved me some dots back in the 70s…Oh wait…you said SUGAR dots! haha


You remember the 70’s your a better man than me.:grin:


I was there also but I actually had to read about them to remember what went on.

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My local grocery store carries the dots, I did an experimental one gallon batch I bottled using them about two weeks ago.

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Window payne?:relaxed: Sneezles61

How long does carbonation usually take with the dots? I tried them for the first time. Condition for 2 weeks then 2 days in fridge. Had a little carbonation, but not much. They’re at 68 degrees. When I’ve boiled table sugar and added to bottling bucket I’ve always had good carbonation in this time frame.

The same OG beer may take a few days longer to carbonate as the Dots dissolve. I’ve never bottled a test beer in a clear bottle to be able to see how long it takes.