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Dogg Dayzz homebrew competition, 9/2019

We are proud to announce our 2nd Annual Dogg Dayzz Homebrew Competition presented by ZZ Hops! The competition is held in Raytown, MO (Kansas City area).
This competition is AHA sanctioned and will be judged according to BJCP guidelines.

All BJCP beer styles are accepted. Additionally, we have a special category (35A Dogg Dayzz) which is for beers continuously fermented >85F. Get out your Kveik yeast!

We are excited to be featuring Chain of Hope as our charity this year.

(Chain of Hope is a 501c3 grass roots organization with boots on the ground 7 days a week, focused on alleviating the suffering of abused and neglected animals within the urban core of Kansas City, MO. We formed in 2010 and have saved and improved the lives of thousand of animals in Kansas City, MO.)

Perhaps another home brewer to join in on conversations? Sneezles61

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