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Dogfish head 120

Not so much a review but an observation. I was in a local grocery that has an impressive amount of beers. On a table, like they had some kind of tasting were a few 4 packs of 120 without a price tag. I thought wow can’t be that expensive for 4. Got to the register with a 4 pack and a few things and watched it ring up $42.95. Even the girl ringing it up couldn’t believe it, called a manager who called to the back of the store and confirmed $42.95. I told them although it’s great stuff, no thanks. By the time I walked out a couple of other employees were standing in the office door examining the 4 pack in wonderment.

I know that it’s a huge beer and has a lot of time and especially hops into it so I understand. I even looked it online at Total Wine and it’s $39.96 there so my grocery wasn’t out of line asking that much. I also looked at some clone recipes and it looks like a really labor intensive brew so there is a lot of the cost. Anyone here try it?

Isn’t Dogfish also the one that brewed a $120.00 bottle beer? I recall reading about that a few years back… Even Surly darkness is a higher priced bottle, limited release, cult brew. Sneezles61

I’ve had many Dogfish brews. They are one of the most experimental big brewers out there. People fault them for that because not everything they make in experimental mode is good, but it’s always educational.
I’ve had their 60 min and the 120 I see occasionally but I too cannot justify the expense. 1 bottle will get you really messed up from what I’ve read.
We had a large grocery that had a flat rate build you own 6 pack price of $12 for a 6 pack and $20 for 2x6 Packs. I would go there and stock up on every barrel aged weirdo beer they had but they kept the 120 in a different section. (That store has since gotten smarter about their build your own section)

Meh, it’s mostly hype. It hits stores here every once in awhile, and the true beer snobs go gaga over it. No thanks, I’ll pass. I do a very high gravity beer once or twice a year just for the fun of it, and while there are a few more steps, it’s not that difficult. I have a hard time getting past the harsh booziness of 120-minute though.


In retrospect I should have asked if they sell single bottles. I’ve paid $10 a glass for high end craft beers in a bar so $10 or $11 wouldn’t be that ridiculous.

Sam Adams Utopia went for $200 a bottle.


:dizzy_face: Sneezles61

There is a drug store near us that has build your own 6 packs for $8.99. Dogfish Head 90 was one as was Bells Two Hearted and a couple others that cost more that the $9 for 4 or 6. They also must have woke up because the high price ones are not on the build your own shelves any longer.

EDIT: They still have Troegenator Double Bock on the build your own shelf. It’s worth about $13 a sixer.

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Our local craft pub has it for 12$/ bottle. I’ve had it in years past for ?less cost? And it’s good, but there are many other cheaper brews I’d buy first.

I do like Sam Calagione and his stance on staying independent, and I do try to throw a bone(dogfish, get it) his way on occasion. Burton Baton is less expensive than 120 and I like it better.

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I think @sneezles61 is thinking of Sam Adams Utopias for $120/bottle. My son and I split a bottle of the the 120 and it was hot, boozy, and just too much. I can see where some might like it but definitely not my thing.

Never had the 120 but if it’s boozy I’ll pass. If I want boozy I’ll have nice wiskey with a glass of beer. I do like dogfish 90 min IPA and also Nameste

Missed this the first time through. :slight_smile:

So one afternoon I’m in a local “beer garden”, and they were offering a souped-up Black and Tan that was 120 with a dogfish head Imperial Stout they were selling at the time.

I’m pretty sure it ended up as a 12 oz pour. Let’s just say, I did NOT drive home that evening. Totally worth it though.

Our local brewery has a “whiskey chip” stout… weighs in at about 12% ABV… I’ve had a sample… WAY TOO MUCH! I really don’t care for that much horse power… I’m not so much inclined to drink one and done… Perhaps 6 and call it a night… Thats just me… It aint the buzz… Its the vehicle that gets the buzz going! Sneezles61


I tried the 120 minute in a 4 oz pour from a taproom here in Portland. It was so intense that it took 3 guys about 2 hours slowly sipping on it while we sampled other beers. It is INTENSE!

I’ve had 120 but I don’t actively seek it out. As others here have said, it’s good but it’s very boozy. Personally I prefer 90 min to 120. That being said, Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout is fantastic! I did buy a 4 pack of that at the local Whole foods when it was there, was around $32-$35 I think? I popped two in fridge and put the other two on my shelf for aging last October. One of those will set you up nicely on a cold evening. :innocent:


Sadly those prices are in line for the 120. I have tried it once and still have a bottle aging but I’d say it’s a little ignorant for my taste. Way too boozy as I’d rather a shot of Fireball. I’m always ok with a 60 min when nothing else is around. I live within 3 hours of the brewery and brewpub and enjoy going there every summer. Much respect for Sam for what he’s doing and how he got there.

I got one for free…worth the experience :grinning:

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