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Dog related beer recipes

Love beer? Love your dog? Of course you do! Experimental Brewing podcast listeners have been donating money for Freedom Service Dogs and at the end of June we’ll donate over $400! Thank you listeners! Help us celebrate by sending your dog related homebrew recipe to!

I’m sorry you don’t have any responses yet. I don’t have any dog related recipes, just an anecdote. My wife’s dog loves attacking an active airlock. I take defensive measures, but over the years I’ve lost track of all the airlocks I’ve replaced due to that dog. Thankfully, I’ve never noticed any ill effects on the beer.

I make “Brown Dog Ale” occasionally in memory of my dog Borealis. Just a standerd brown ale 90% 2 row 8% 60L and 2% roasted barley. I usually make it as a “one off” changing the hops and maybe a little molasses. I usually use 04 but have made it as a lager also.

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