Dog name help!


Thanks for all the great names! Brutus was a leading name for a while, only because my father-in-law had a black lab named Brutus who was his favorite dog.

I think we’re settling on Porter! It’s a good sounding name, and a lot of people out of the beer world really won’t know what it means, and that is fine with us! We can also call him Port and make sure he stays on the left side of our boat!

Thanks again for your help!!

Awesome - it is the best name!

I was going to say, a lot of none beer people will just think the name is cool regardless - at least that has been our experience, since aside from my beer buddies, no one know what a Porter is.


as firsttrax said dunkel ,look at him he looks like a dunkle.

So Porter will be a duck dog? I had a black female named Raven, she flunked out of dog training (ADHD) but she still did a decent job. She got out two winters ago and got run over, damn dog was just becoming a decent pet.

Tom, that’s terrible about your pup! We live real close to US 1 so we will be very careful! I’m sure he could be a duck dog, but I’m not into that. He’ll be more of a lobster/fishing dog! The other dog in the pics is now a retired lobster dog.

Well, if he’s a young pup and jumps around a lot (especially while bounding through a field), I’d name him …hops… !

– Tom

Porter was my first thought but Barley and even better Growler brought a smile.


How about Stevie Ray Charles Barkley?


I don’t know, Dunkel sounds better.

Porter sounds cool and so does Trub! Just hope you don’t end up calling him an Arrogant Bastard! LOL!!


Now I have to go find a nameless dog!

I gotta tell you “Trub” is the greatest!!! just imagine, … “TRUB!!! GET OUT O THERE!!!” cause let’s face it… you ever had a dog?? that’s more common than, “At’a boy”. Hands down winner. And I have a beautiful 14 year old Ausie named Barley.
Trub is an oak in the forest of names.

Porter is great, but Barley has a nice ring to it, no?

After deciding on Porter, we posted it on facebook…the very first comment we got back was “did you get the name from Desperate Housewives?”. We freaked out! I had no idea what the person was talking about but the possibility of our dog being associated with some crap show scared the bejeesus outta me! I think that was a one time thing, though. Most people think it has to do with steak or an old Mel Gibson movie. A lot better than the tv show!!

Now the next thing…I gotta brew Porters porter!!