Does steeping grains add to OG?

Simple question, hopefully simple answer. Does steeping grains add to OG. I am an extract brewer and trying to create my own recipes. I know how to calculate OG from point per gallon of the malt extract, ie 6 lbs of LME x 36ppg/5gallons= 1.043 OG. Will steeping add to this?
How can I increase my OG? I’m shooting for 1.50-1.060. NB only sells 6 lb and 3.3 lb increments. Any suggestions?

DME, table sugar, honey will all add points and can be added in smaller amounts easy but sugar will dry out the beer so be careful. DME will be your best way to boost the gravity. Cheers

A little…

Thanks. I own How to Brew, don’t know how I missed that part. Much appreciated.

For most beer styles, you want all (or at least most) of your gravity to come from malt. Just buy DME to make up the difference, whatever you don’t use just save until next time. I brew all grain these days, but I still always keep DME around for making starters.

Extra light DME is the way to go for an extract brewer designing their own recipes. You can certainly use LME with good results if you are certain it is fresh. DME is just much more convenient for recipe formulation since you can use any quantity you’d like, and it keeps for quite a long time without losing freshness.