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Does it matter what the temp is in 2ndary ferm?

Doing a Belgium Dubbel, does it matter what the temp is in my 2ndary ferm? It wont be hot, im just worried about the cold. Maybe down to like 50. Thoughts? thanks

many belgian brewers actually lager their ales for 4-6 weeks at 32F so i wouldn’t worry about it being too cold

If fermentation had completed and you were just secondarying (is that a word?) to clear it up, 50F is fine. The colder temps will actually help. But be sure the yeast are done doing their thing.

I have a Tripel going right now. Was in primary for 4 weeks. It’s in the secondary now at 72F, which I’ll leave for 4 weeks. The last week of secondary I’ll drop it down to 34F before I bottle and store back at 72F for a few weeks.

If you’re doing a secondary fermentation, then 50°F would be too cold for almost any ale yeast. If you’re conditioning/aging, then that’s actually a pretty good all-around temperature.

Edit: Or, you know, what dobe12 said.

+2, if I’m wanting my yeast to still be active I keep it at least at a temp in the working range of said yeast. I even wonder if clearing might not be better at a warmer temp, granted you aren’t causing a chill haze that might drop out but the viscosity is lower at higher temps and the specific gravity is slightly less so the suspended particles might sink faster.

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