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Doa ipa

DOA IPA from Cerveceria Mexicana. Craft beer from Mexico. Who’d a thunk it? Anyway the packaging was really colorful and eye-catching so I dropped the $10 on a sixer.

Golden in color with light carbonation. Head dissolved fairly quickly and there was really no aroma that I was able to detect. Mild bitterness to start and my first impression that this was really kind of blah for an IPA. After letting it sit on my palate for a few minutes to taste the long lingering finish a pleasant sweetness appeared with lemony and orange notes. After that I was able to truly taste the beer and I gotta say is not a bad little beer. Maybe a little light of an IPA for my liking but definitely one worth giving a shot.

Thanks for the review.

I’m going to give an update to this.

As I have been making my way through the six pack I have noticed some possible consistency issues with this beer. The first two I had were light on flavor but pleasant. Since I originally posted this I have had three more and the experience has been really different. The next two I had on Friday had a nice bitter hop aroma and definite pop of bitterness that really wakes you up. Much more like an IPA should be. Not real sure what happened with the first two bottles. The one I’m drinking now is somewhere in between (this one being my first of the night).

Still a decent beer but it kinda seems that no bottles are the same?

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