Do you need gloves for dilute star san?

Will star san diluted to 1 tablespoon for 5-gal water irritate your skin or do you need to wear gloves while sanitizing brewing equipment with it?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

The recommended solution does irritate my skin, but not so badly that I use gloves. If you don’t hate gloves with a passion, I’d suggest wearing them. Keep in mind, I hate gloves so much, I do incredibly stupid things bare handed. Like slice five pounds of jalapenos and habaneros for canning.

I don’t wear gloves and am not too careful and frequently splash, spray or immerse my hands. However, I do try to rinse it off most the time. I find that it can really dry out my skin.

Sometimes I use gloves, sometimes I don’t. When I don’t use gloves my hands don’t get irritated (as in red or a rash) but they do get very dry. So, when I don’t where gloves, I just use some generic hand cream to counter the dryness.

I haven’t had a problem with wearing no gloves and diluted starsan solution.

The only issue I have is it really dries out my hands with extensive use. I sanitize my bottles by submersing them into a bucket of 5 gallons of star san then pulling them out. This basically has my hands submersed in the stuff up to my elbows for some time and this is the only time i have any issue.

I use 6cc per one gallon of water and dunk my hands with no issues. I believe Starsan calls for 1 fluid oz. per 5 gallons. One fluid ounce is approx. 29.5 cc’s.

The good news is, it won’t eat your hands off your wrists. It will likely give you dry skin.

Same here. I haven’t noticed any effect from skin contact with Star San, not even the dry skin some people are mentioning.

It does dry out my hands, but so does a lot of house hold detergents. For me I don’t worry.

I have gloves and I occasionally use them, but wit it getting hot out, I pass. However, I do rinse my hands after using and try to keep some hand lotion handy after I am done with everything.