Do you have a favorite clone recipe for Moose Drool (or Caribou Slobber)?

Do you have a favorite clone recipe for Moose Drool (or Caribou Slobber)? Are you willing to share it here?

Like many others here, Caribou Slobber was my first kit brew. And I have an annual tradition of brewing it as my first batch of the year.

This year, I want to do it a little differently - rather than just one batch, brew two small batches (different recipes) to compare the results. I’ll brew these as one gallon extract+steeping or extract+mini-mash recipes.

I already have a couple of recipes from on-line searches, a couple of recipes from various “clone brew” books, and the NB 1 gallon & 5 gallon recipes.

If you have a “go to” Moose Drool clone recipe you would like to share, I’d like to hear about it here.

update: Jan 21 - I added the recipe here (link)

If you like the beer as is, why not just start with the kit ingredients, but tweak something simple like hops, yeast, ferment temp, etc.? Better yet, brew a 5 gallon batch, and split it into 5 different one-gallon ferments, each either with a different yeast, or different ferment temp, or dry hops?

I’m planning to take a different approach for the 1st batch of 2016 - brew a couple of small (one gallon extract) batches, buy a six pack of Moose Drool, and sample the results. I can use one of my recipes from last year, one of the various kit recipes, or one of the ‘clone’ recipes available online. I’m also interested in looking at clone recipes that others have brewed.

OK gotcha. Yeah, but I would still focus on really minor variables if you are looking to replicate the beer. Or even if you are just trying to figure out what tweaks you would make to a beer you already like for your own preferences. Fermentation temp, yeast, and hopping rates will have much more impact to taste than the fermentables, particularly if you are brewing with extract.

Good advice for if/when I try to refine the recipes. Thanks!

There have been a relatively large number of views of this thread, so I felt I should post an update.

I brewed the first batch on the 1st. I resized the original [5 gallon extract] recipe to a one gallon [extract] batch; replaced the 0.1 oz of black malt with chocolate malt; adjusted the bittering hops for a 45 minute boil, and pitched S-04 yeast. It probably won’t taste exactly like the original :relaxed:, but the wort sample was reasonable . (You can find the original 5 gallon extract recipe by “google-ing”: Society of Barley Engineers Moose Drool Clone).

The second batch (brewed on the 2nd) is also an American Brown Ale style, but it’s not based on a clone recipe. The wort sample was reasonable, so it’s looking like it will be a fun (for me) one gallon batch.

[edit 1/6: clarified that the ‘original’ recipe (the one that I started with) was a 5 gallon extract recipe].

Didn’t cybi get the actual recipe from Big Sky?

Good question. I haven’t made time to listen to the podcast (link here) which may have the answer. I’ll probably listen to the podcast over the next couple of weeks & update this thread with items of interest.

slight off topic for the question: The 5 gallon extract recipe I started with is associated with that podcast episode, but the show recipe has some vagueness in the aroma (10 min) and flavor (0 min) hop additions. Most other clone recipes I saw either skip the 10 min addition or substitute another hop for Liberty hops (Liberty hops apparently store poorly).

There are also show notes for the podcast here: ( (or googlebing “Big Sky does not modify the moderately hard Missoula, MT water for this beer”). The HomeBrewTalk recipe appears to be the same one that CYBI brewed, the show notes offer a couple of variations on the recipe, and in podcast, there is discussion around another possible recipe which appears to be similar to the recipe in the Clone Brews book. Each of the recipes has a different approach to the timing and amount of flavor/aroma hops.

I’ll leave it to other listeners of the podcast to decide if CBYI got the actual recipe from Big Sky. :relaxed:.

Here’s the recipe that I brewed back on the 1st.

One gallon (extract), 45 minute boil, target style is American Brown Ale (BJCP 19C).

  • 1.2 lb Light DME
  • 4.0 oz Crystal 80
  • 1.2 oz Chocolate Malt (350 L)
  • 8.0 g Goldings (4.4) @ 45
  • 1.7 g Liberty (4.6) @ 10
  • 3.4 g Willamette (5.5) @ 5
  • 1.7 g Liberty (4.6) @ 0
  • 1/4 tsp Irish Moss @ 15
  • 1/2 pkt S-04 yeast

Grains were steeped for 30 minutes at ~ 160* F.

If you are a five gallon brewer, this is the CBYI recipe see the show notes link in my previous post (link here), but with Liberty hops at 10.