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Do Not Mix Farming with Brewing

I started the morning brewing a batch of Speckled Heifer. It is a partial mash. After one hour with the mash at 152, I cranked up the stove to raise the temp to 165, before removing the grains. To kill some time, I decided to plant a few collards … and forgot about the kettle. By the time I remembered the temp had raised to 175. Ahhh! Did I blow the batch? What do you guys think?

Nah, it’ll be fine. Some slight risk of extracting some tannins from your grain, but 175F is still pretty safe. You just did a slightly hotter than normal mash-out.

Thank PC! Maybe next time I’ll throw some collards in the pot. Maybe not …

Just leave the lid on during the boil, you’ll get the same effect!

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