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Do I need any special wrench to remove my Ball Lock posts

Do I need any special wrench to remove my Ball Lock posts?


When I remove it to clean the dip tube is it going to fall apart and shoot the spring out, or is it one whole assembly that will stay together.


A crescent wrench or deep socket wrench should work fine.

When you remove the post there should be a spring and poppet inside, it is super easy to put back together providing that one of the parts does not fall out and roll down the drain.

Hope that helps.

If you have the posts that are “12 point” drive, get yourself a 12 point socket of the appropriate size and depth, ( read: a deep socket), and you’ll be a lot happier than trying to get them off with a 12 point “box end” wrench!

Be advised:the “points” can get worn on the posts, so you may have to “surface” the end of your socket, so that it no longer has a “chamfer” in the driven end, where it engages the post.

I use a 7/8" open end wrench on most of mine. Some have the 12 point drive and I just use a pair of vise grips (gently) on those.

Don’t use vise grips. Use the 12 pt box end of 7/8" box end/open end wrench. I got two kegs and one is 11/16" on both the in and out valves the other is 7/8"on in and out but the in is 12 point and out is 6 point. A deep socket or box end open end wrench works fine. Only use a crecent wrench or vice grips in an emergency…eventually they WILL bugger up your nuts :slight_smile:

Hit your local pawn shop for the correct tools. Box end wrenches are 100X easier to use than an adjustable (crescent) wrench. And a million times easier than a pair of pliers (vice grips).

12 pt. 7/8" box end works on mine. If they’re new to you kegs, they may require more force to remove (impact, extra pair of hands).

When you reinstall them, run them down by hand, then snug with a wrench. Overtightening can distort the O-rings or gall the threads.

Craftsman has some great rachet type 12 point wrenches. One has the two sizes we use.

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