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Do I have to top off mead after racking?

I am about to rack off both a JOAM and BOMM mead for the first time off the lees into new clean carboys. In the process I know I will loose some volume Esp in the JOAM. Do I need to top off these meads with water etc? I am considering aging the BOMM in 5 gallon bulk form for a few months more than add oak to it. The JOAM mead is crystal clear with all the fruit near the bottom of the one gallon jug. I plan on waiting till summer time to try it. Any recommendations when or if I should stabilize the meads would be helpful. I may divide the BOMM into one gallon jugs to add fruit to a couple of them as an experiment.

It is almost always a good idea to minimize head space for anything you will be bulk aging for a few months. Ideally, you would use a similar, finished mead to top off your jugs, but if you don’t have that, water might have to do. Be aware that adding water will make the finished mead more… watery.

Hi Rebuiltcellars,

  Will do, I will be busy today!

              Thanks again,
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