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Do I have a problem?

Two weeks ago I brewed up a batch of NB Irish Red and was planning on putting it in bottles today.
I have been checking it over the last week and everything seemed to be fine, but after two weeks
I still have alot of head still floating on top. Should I leave it go another week or should I try and cold
crash it?

My personal preference is to just leave my beer (normal ales) alone for 3-4 weeks in primary. Then bottle/keg. I would leave it alone for another week. Cold crash if you want - although, I have never cold crashed a beer in my life. I just go straight from primary into keg, or from primary to bottling bucket to bottle. My beer is very clear.

Fast and easy answer is give it more time. It won’t hurt it any and give it some time to clear even if it is done. The best way to determine if your beer is done is to take hydrometer readings. A hydrometer and hydrometer flask are a cheap investment to track the progress of your beer. I wrote this up a long time ago, hope it is helpful viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8934

Some yeast are a little stubborn to drop their krausen. Give it a gentle swirl every couple days while you follow the above advice.

I just finished bottling my Irish Red. Spent two weeks in primary, 2 weeks in secondary and it was very clear when I took a final gravity reading. I would let it sit for another week or two.

Thanks guys

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