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Do I have a CO2 leak?

Morning all,

I recently added a “T” piece near my regulator which allows for a gas line to run into the kegerator (to gas 3 kegs) while the other hose has a gas quick disconnect outside the kegerator for various jobs. I’ve noticed over the past week that my contents based dial has been creeping ever so slightly down, indicating that my tank is losing or using CO2. I’ve sprayed all connections with a star san solution and have noticed no leaks. Another test I did last night was turn the gas off completely on the tank itself. The pressure indicated on the dial was 16 psi. I went to check the pressure this morning and it has dropped to 10 psi. All valves were shut completely. Does this mean I have a small leak somewhere in my system, or is this normal?

If you are loosing pressure, you have a leak.

Put all the connections in a bucket/tub of water. Easier to find the smallest of leaks that way.

If that turns up nothing, to check the kegs, get a lawn tractor inner tube. Place on top of the keg and inflate it. Then put water in the “bowl” to see if there are leaks.

It could be around the regulator. That is harder to test for.

I see. Yeah I have pushed out over 25 kegs from this single 10 lb tank. The gauge reads just where the green meets the white. I can’t be too dissapointed. Must be a really small leak!

On all my gas fitting I use Teflon tape and those screw clamp things.

Tried this after I lost a couple 5lb tanks to a leak and haven’t had one since.

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