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DME addition question

I have a pale ale recipe Im getting ready to brew soon. It calls for 3 lbs light DME, and 2 lbs amber DME. Should i add all the DME at the beginning of the boil, or do each one at a certain time?

I would add half at the beginning, half at the end. say 15 mins before flame out.

that’ll help with hop utilization, and prevent some carmalization resulting in a lighter color

that being said. you CAN add it all at once at the beginning. or most at the end. it’s kinda up to you. as long as you don’t add it ALL at the end

+1 to above advice. Half at beginning and half at 15 minutes. You’ll be happy with results.

Thanks for the advice. I like a lighter colored beer so I will do 1/2 and 1/2.

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