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DIY Thermowell

I was wondering if I make a thermowell out of aluminum will this create an off taste?

What are you using your thermowell for? It would be fine for anything prior to fermentation for sure. I think you’ll get differing opinions for use in fermentation.

The only time I’ve seen a thermowell used is in a pressure application with high temps., such as steam or gasifiers.

Not sure what benefit it would be for brewing.

Welcome to the forum, I’m interested in what you have planned.

Depending on your application, aluminum shouldn’t create an off flavor.

I was thinking about running my sensor from my stc 1000 down the thermowell into my carboy while its in my fermentation chamber to get a more accurate idea of what the temp of the wort is. Compared to just having the ambient temp known inside the fermentation chamber.

My last brew had a solvent taste and from what I have read this is usually caused by high fermentation temps (or oxidation) and I thought the ambient temp was in a good range.

A lot of us just insulate the sensor against the fermentor. I have checked the difference in that temp and the actual wort temp and it has been within one degree every time.

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