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DIY Stire Plate Question

So I followed some guidelines online to toss together a stir plate and have found that after messing with the magnet placements I can get a good vortex working on enough water for a 1L starter but when I up it to 2L the funnel only goes about halfway down the flask.

Is this enough or is the funnel supposed to hit all the way down? I used some pretty heavy magnets I had laying around so if I need to I guess I could by some lighter powerful ones that could would let the fan spin faster but if I don’t need to I’m not going to.

All you really need is movement inside the flask, a small dimple in the center is plenty. No need for a whirling vortex.

awesome, I definitely can get that.

agreed. all you’re trying to do is keep the yeast in suspension, so they can thrive and reproduce, instead of letting them sit and pack on the bottom.

+1 to just keep the little buggers swimming about…


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