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Diy sparge arm like fermentap? UPDATE BUILD LIST

Anyone try to build a sparge arm like this. Seems like it would be pretty easy to build other than finding a plastic aerator. The pdf lists these parts 10" piece of 3/8 stainless steel tube, 1" piece of vinyl tubing, 4 - 8 inch pvc pieces, a 4 way tee, a few large o rings. Anyone own one of these? What could I use for the sprinkler end? Looks like 3/4 or 1" for the pvc pipe

I don’t own one but I take it you plan to fly sparge? For $24.00 it might just be as easy and cost effecitive to buy one.

How do you plan on attaching the sparge arm to your HLT? You could probably build a sparge arm soldering 3/8" flexible copper tubing that spans across the MT. I think at a home supply shop (lowes, Home Depot, menards) I got 10’ of 3/8" copper tubing for $9.99. Simply drill holes in the tube and there you go…

Here’s what I got so far. I can buy the same tip as the fementap sparge assembly the fermentors favorites fighter jet fly sparge sprayer online. I figured I could just buy a 24" stainless steel racking came and cut it to length for cheaper than ss tubing from a hardware store.

Yes I plan to fly sparge only because I ended up buying a false bottom which from what I’ve read doesn’t work well with batch sparging.

I fly as well and I believe you are correct that batch doesn’t work so well with a FB. My point was that after you buy all those supplies you are probably over the $24 I saw the original for. But you’re a DIYselfer.

Here’s a build list.
3/4" PVC pipe 4 - 8" pieces (I bought a 5ft section for ease of transport but the 10ft pipe is cheaper I believe just like a larger piece of plywood)
4 - 3/4" caps
1 - 3/4" 4 way tee
5/8" OD x 3/8" ID rubber grommets (I already had these from my temp controller build)
3/8" Stainless steel racking tube to cut a 10" piece from (I bought a 24" cane and I can get another 10" piece out of it and use the curved part as a dip tube for my bottling bucket)
I need to purchase the Fermentor’s Favorite Fighter Jet Fly Sparge Sprayer still.

Total cost $16.29 not including the sprayer which costs $3.49 - $3.99 online plus shipping. Also you need a small 1" piece of tubing to connect steel tube to sprayer tip. Cost of the fermentap is between $23.99 - $29.99 online plus the cost of shipping. So it isn’t a super money saver however I love building things so it was a pretty fun project. You could also skip the end caps and use o rings to keep it from sliding around to save a buck or two.

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