DIY Projects

Hey all,

Our site BrewGeeks has been up for a couple of months now and although the blog is rolling along nicely, we are always looking for more DIY projects to post. If you have a project that is written up with pics, please send me a link because I’d love to add it. We are working on gathering as many great DIY projects as we can find to consolidate them in one place.

Send a pm or contact us on the site.



Link to my DIY carboy cleaner/scrubber.


Thanks stormybrew, I’ll put it up next week.

Link to my single tier brewing stand. More of a do it yourself by paying professionals to do it according to your plans. But lots of brewing pr0n in the thread. ... ic=10915.0

DIY Mega Beer Bottle - Giant Beer Bottle Growler

DIY - Toasted Oats

DIY - Toasted Oak Cubes

DIY Koolerator

DIY - Homemade Candi Syrup

DIY Frozen Yeast Bank

DIY Mini Randall - Organoleptic Hop Transducer Module

DIY Margarita Mash Tun

nice, thanks gregscsu!

60qt Igloo Cube conversion.

[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]60qt Igloo Cube conversion.
Thanks bartatone Brewer. I posted yours on the main blog a few days ago and it’s also under Equipment DIY here:

Anyone else have a project that we don’t have on the site yet?

Link to my Small batch AG mash/batch sparge session in the kitchen here:


Bumping this for some new project ideas. Anyone come up with any cool projects lately that they want to share?


Just posted my recipe builder: