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Dixie Cup XXXIV, October 26-28, 2017

The Dixie Cup is one of the nation’s oldest homebrewing competitions and is noted for its great mix of irreverent fun and its seriousness about beer.

Each year has a unique theme. This year, reflecting the new dates, the theme is “Dixie Cup at Sleepy Hollow.” With the date so close to Halloween, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate PUMPKIN BEER! The special category this year is beer made with pumpkin (or some other squash) and the amazing commemorative beer is a Pumpkin bock.

For more information, contact our Dixe Cup coordinator by email at or call DeFalco’s at 713-668-9440.

The Dixie Cup is one of the final Qualifying Events for The Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing and is the final competition in the series that determines the Lone Star Circuit Homebrewer of the Year, the Lone Star Circuit Homebrew Team of the Year, and the Lone Star Circuit Homebrew Club of the Year.

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