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Displaying Empty Pint Glasses....Seeing The Logo

I travel a bit for work and like to visit local breweries, recently I started buying a pint glass at each stop and would like to display them as a reminder of the places I’ve been. I’m kind of perfectionist and don’t like the fact that the logos can be hard to see on the empty glasses. I tried tissue paper in the glasses which helped but looks kind of sloppy. Any other ideas?

Shaker pints? You could cut colored construction paper or cellophane into a shape that just fits inside… think flat sheet curving around the inside of the glass, instead of crumpled paper. Make it beer colored. This could be difficult with more complex shapes, though.

A display with a light blue light it does light up a bit the logo

Fill with beer!


How about filling them with grain that off sets the logo?

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I would worry about mice with grain.

A cat that worries about mice?

I’m worried the OP doesn’t have a cat.

Or cheap hop pellets…

I wouldn’t do that. Put them in the freezer then when ready fill for real. I never did like dusting glasses before I had to pour a pint… Sneezles61

SAI’ve been thinking about it and I agree the glasses look best filled with beer so how about photograph the full glasses then when you have enough photos have a colage made on snapfish. This way you never have to clean the glasses you don’t even have to buy the glasses and you will have something unique to you to hang in your bar.

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Guess I’m different. I have many pint glasses from breweries that I don’t use. They are display only.

Yea I don’t use shaker pint glasses for beer either. I use them for water. I prefer the fancy glasses that breweries sell or give away. The etched ones are my favorite but I just serve beer in them.

Take a photo of a pint without any logo, print it and stuff the picture inside. If you can resize it just right the glass will look full.

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