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Dispensing Pressure

I have completed the forced carbonation of my oatmeal stout. I have a very short tube lead from the OUT valve to a plastic party tap. I reduced my PSI down to around 2-3PSI so that it pours slow and isnt foamy. If I leave my dispensing PSI this low, will the beer eventually equilibrate to the this pressure and lose carbonation?

Yes, carbonation will eventually even out.

You will want to increase the beer line length to balance the system.

Either that, or increase the pressure when not pouring beer to carb pressure, then back off and bleed when you want another one. At cold temps, carbonation takes a while to come out, so you dont need to change it during drinking sessions, and if your forget it till the next day it wont matter.

Monkeying with the regulator and purging the head space doesn’t waste much CO2 when the keg is almost full. But when you are nearing the end of the keg you have to add 4 gallons of CO2 at 2.5 volumes, it can be pretty wasteful. I would spend the $5 on some longer line, or you could use the epoxy mixing tubes if you don’t mind putting them in every keg you have.

I keep a few lengths of dispensing tubing around that are line with the usual variety of beers I rotate (e.g., runs of 5-7 ft for pale ales and other low(er) carbed beers, and runs much longer for high carbed weizens, etc.). They’re kitted up with barbs/connectors and tail pieces and ready to simply screw on as needed. Much easier just to swap those out on the faucets than to dial the regulator down and up every time. Unless you’re throwing a party and plan to drain the keg in one afternoon, much easier to simply balance your system as required.

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