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Discount codes

Anyone else having a problem getting the discount codes to work at checkout? I was trying to use the 20% off one that I just got in an email so I can buy my next beer kit, but it keeps telling me it’s not valid.

I also tried adding some of the items below on the main page to see if that worked, but I get the same error.

I just checked it out. Entered the promo code “LABOR” in the first screen of the checkout process and discount was applied for the silver serpent wort chiller.

Are you purchasing one of the excluded products?
Offer excludes Blichmann products, gift cards, The Beerbug, The Grainfather, & Picobrew Systems.

Strange, I was trying to order the peace coffee kit, but I just added the silver serpent to my cart to check, and I still get “Coupon code “LABOR” is not valid”. I have used codes from them before so I just thought it was odd

Try a phone order. Number is 1-800-681-2739.

My brewbuddy did try the code labour as well did not work. Haha me old school make a phonecall. Works. Must say good service from nb. Acourding my brewbuddy. Nb did replace and did reply on the broken carboy

Thanks for the feedback!!

I ended up calling my order in Yesterday and they honored the discount due to my issue. Next up 2nd Crack Stout, just have to figure out exactly how I want to introduce the coffee. Can’t wait to brew it up!!

Another thing NB offers is live chat. I’ve used that once when experiencing an issue with an order. NB was able to fix the problem right en and there.

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