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DIPA thread

Typically I just use the Plinian Legacy from our host, but I haven’t caught one of their “20% off any single item” sales…in fairness to them I think I missed one not long ago?

But I probably need to draw my own recipe up for a DIPA, as everything else I brew is mine, and I hit up the LHBS for ingredients…
Looking to make a big West coast DIPA, crystal clear and bitter with significant flavor and aroma hop presence.

Malt bill, would be heavy on lighter grains for a palette for the hops to work with, 2 row or pilsner malt. Minimal crystal malt if any. Thoughts? Maris Otter reasonable also?

I have some Wyeast 1450 slurry that I want to use for this, that’s still pretty fresh…with a vitality starter.

What hops do you use for your big IPAs/DIPAs?
I have some Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, CTZ on hand. But will still need to buy more.
Planning on FWH, Bittering, late additions, And Double dry hopping(last DH in Keg).

So who brews their own DIPA?

I really love the citrusy flavor profile of Citra hops.

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I enjoy citra as well but I like to blend it with othe hops. It’s a bit much for me anyway on its own. I may be in the minority on that though

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I like and use Citra(pale ales,etc) but I associate Citra with NEIPA’s and some of the ‘midwest’ IPA’s/pale ales…not so much with the west coast profile I’m looking for in this one.

Leaning toward the C hops…and Amarillo, Simcoe(the cat pee hop, not to be confused with the Cat poop coffee :joy: ).

I’m not using hop shots so I need to pick some fairly bitter hops for 60, 20, 15 minute hop additions(Chinook?), and milder C hops for aroma/hop bursting. Chinook gives a distinctive pine flavor that is to style… and has 13%aa.

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Lately I’ve been a fan of the beers I’ve tasted that are dry hopped with El Dorado, Azacca or Comet hops. Can’t say I tasted them in a combo, but solo they’ve been delicious

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Had to look up Comet,; “strong grapefruit and dank”, “Citra’s little sister”, LOL


Like most(?) DIPA’s I’m including a pound of cane sugar to dry it out a bit…although its a fermentable, it would not be included in the mash water calculation because its added at FO… SO 13 pounds of fermentables but 12 pounds for the Grain bill.
Now for the trub loss estimate, I always aim a bit low(.33 gallons), but with 10.5 ounces of hops, including 5.5 ounces going into the fermentor prior to dry hopping I wonder if I should bump up the trub loss estimate to make sure I have enough free wort?? .5 gallons? more?

its a 5 gallon batch BTW.

In the past I would calculate about 6 gallons to the fermenter knowing I would only end up with 5.5 after I’d adjust the OG with water or dme to get what I calculated. Now I just wing it.

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I just made the Off The Topper all grain kit. While it’s good, it’s not great and I wish I hadn’t dried it out with the extra candi sugar.

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Never brewed that one…I just dove into various threads on the web that were trying to unlock the mysteries of NEIPAs back in 2015 and never did a kit…I made 4 different versions all told. Probably will do another down the road, but man I like a good West Coast IPA better.
I’ve brewed the Plinian Legacy seven times so far, but if my DIPA I’m brewing tomorrow is as good as I hope, I might be totally done with kits. NBs Pliny is very good.
I give my various recipes some type of cheesy pop culture or rock music themed name, so this west coast DIPA is dubbed “To Sur with love”(every summer until recently we would vacation in Cali at Carmel Highlands just north of Big Sur, sooo awesome…).


So, you brewing this today? Sneezles61

Yep, whirlpooling as I type.


What was the final verdict ( resipe) ? Just curious. I have to get brewing

Went with 11 lbs 2 row, .5 lb caramunich, .5 Crisp C45 L. 1 lb Cane sugar
Wyeast 1450 ( SNSYS ).
Hops: 115 IBU : Chinook FWH, Magnum bittering, then Chinook, Amarillo, Centennial, and Simcoe, hop bursting with aroma, flavor, flameout and whirlpool. Two stage Dry hop planned.

The good: nice brew day, hydrometer sample tasted great. With James Bond starter, air lock bubbling within a few hours

The bad: as I anticipated, have to dial in the water amounts. The 30 minute whirlpool went a little long and I had some temp issues with it. As a result of this and all the hop trub I was a bit short on wort into the fermenter. 4.75 gallons…no big deal, I’m kegging this. I’ll hopefully brew this again fairly soon and took a ton of notes so I’ll up the water a bit.


Drinking this DIPA now, and it’s nice. Couldn’t do a closed transfer to keg as my glass 6.5 carboy was occupied ( haven’t figured out a workable hack for a plastic BMB) but no oxidation noticed thus far. My wife likes it and she’s brutally honest when it comes to my home brew😳

I’ll brew this again soon; and now I have 2 glass 6.5 gallon fermenters so I’ll see if closed transfer improves hop profile/shelf life etc.

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My last DIPA has started to lose it’s luster from what I assume is hop oxidation. It went from blood-amber to amber-brown in color. It still taste pretty good but not as it did 4 weeks ago.

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I hope that’s a brew dispenser in the fridge door… :roll_eyes:Sneezles61

No, unfortunately…but it cranks out enough ice for brewday, so there’s that!

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Saw your comment about the BMB transfer. Here’s what we use:

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We also brew a DIPA we call Big Mo since it’s single hopped with Mosaic. Have a keg that’s been on for a couple of weeks now and it’s got great hop aroma and big flavor. Lots of backbone but this time it’s bordering on boozy which I guess should be expected with a calculated ABV around 9%. Here’s the recipe we use:

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