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Dip tubes/ false bottoms

Hi everyone!
Lookin for some thoughts about dip tubes. I have keggles and some dip tubes that go to the bottom of the keg but still leave about 2.5-3 gallons in there. Any thoughts as to how i might be able to get some more Wort. water outta there?

I thought that the downward pressure would push out more, but as the draining reaches the bottom of the keg I loose my pressure and the flow slows/ stops.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any solutions?


Do you have a hose attached to the valve with the outlet lower than the bottom of the keggle? If not, you aren’t creating a siphon, just draining to the top of the valve.

I do. For now it’s a gravity system with 3 converted kegs, so everything has a hose on the outside of the valve, but it still leaves almost 2 gallons, that seems like a lot to be left behind, I don’t know if I need more suction?


Here’s a picture of my setup (hopefully it posts)

No false bottom for me. I have a pickup tube ran against the side and whirlpool in my BK. Pickup tube ran to the center for my HLT.

It might just be the perspective, but your dip tube looks pretty tall. I have kegs also, and the ball valves are mounted right at the weld for the bottom skirt.
+1 on no false bottom, at least for the BK and HLT. I’ve tried various ways to filter hops out, but they would plug up eventually. Now I bag whole hops and throw pellets straight in.

I think it’s about 3 inches from the valve to the bottom of the keg. I agree it it high (leaves 3 gallons in the pot) when we got the kegs abd drilled the holes, we hadn’t thought about dip tubes. Our next dip tube that we try will not make a 90 degree turn, but more of an angles 45. I hope that makes it a little easier to get more wort out.

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