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Dip tube?

Hello I use this as my dip tube So hear my problem you see the threaded end in that picture well I can’t seem to get the dip tube all the way into my ball valve on the inside of my brew kettle it only turn so far an stop. An also for this dip tube to work I only screw it in a little bit so the actual Pick up tube is pointed down on the bottom of my brew pot. So basically what I am asking are dip tube supposed to be a little loose So you can rotate the pick up tube of the dip tube towards the bottom of the brew kettle ?

I’m not sure what you are asking but I’ll give it a try. Is the dip tube reaching the end of the threads inside the ball valve maybe? Also are you sure it is the same size thread? Some Teflon tape might take up some of the looseness. Also using more or less Teflon tape you may be able to get the position just right so the tube is pointing down.

If it’s not reasonably sealed it might lose its’ siphon and not pick up the last of the wort.

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My dip tube is not threaded but fit very snuggly.

It should be tight… If its not, you will cause it to not siphon off the end of the dip tube… What would be helpful, is a picture of your dip tube and how its installed on the ball valve… Maybe have to take it all apart to see what or how to reconfigure it… Sneezles61

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