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Dip Hopped Kama Citra

I’m still a rookie home brewer for sure with maybe 12-15, 5 gal extract brews under my belt. I just brewed Kama Citra for the first time and tried the dip hop technique. I dip hopped the flame out and the dry hop additions and followed the supplied instructions. I’ll be leaving it in the primary bucket till it’s time to bottle.
I’m thinking ahead to preparing a game plan for bottling in about 4 weeks. I’m planning to cold crash a couple days before bottling. I also plan to use a couple different hop bags to strain into the bottling bucket to catch some more particles.
Maybe I should strain into bottling bucket first then cold crash that rather than the primary bucket?
Any suggestions would be appreciated to minimize suspended particles in the beer. Thx!


I would cold crash to get as much to settle as possible. When it comes to straining I would place the hop bag on the siphon vs the siphon tubing to limit O2 uptake. This way, if you still find quite a bit of hop debris you could cold crash it again.

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And too much racking will lead to off flavors… I realize you’ll be bottling so the secondary fermenting in the bottle might reduce/eliminate oxygen… Things to ponder

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