Different colour

now this might be a dumb question or not. wich grains you can use to make your beer a more yellow colour . its the grains who give the beer a more lighter or yellow colour ???,

Well usually all the grains you add only darken the beer. How light the beer is starts with the lightest malt you use, or extract in your case, although you can use something like Pilsner malt or extract which is a lighter base color. Or flaked wheat can really lighten your beer, but that requires mashing with some 2-row. Some crystal malts can make your beer a more golden color, like small amounts of c20. I’d say it’s a richer yellow color, but pretty much every specialty grain will just darken your beer to a degree.

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@porkchop I’m guessing he’s talking about the “gold” color. And I agree using a lighter crystal malt, like C15 or C20 will provide a nice gold color.

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How about cara pils?

Carapils is just as light as Pilsner/2row and won’t contribute any additional color. They make caramel malt as low as 10L and these (10L-20L) will produce that gold color without adding very little unfetmentables.

My pils is a very nice yellow color. I don’t use any crystal malt just Pilsner Munich and wheat malts.

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It’s coming from your Munich malt. Munich can range from 6L (light) to 12L (dark).

Yup. That’s what I thought