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DIfference Between Hops Grown in the USA vs. Hops Grown in Europe

I was just curious what is/are the difference(s) between hops grown in the USA vs. hops grown in Europe. The hops that I am curious about are the Northern Brewer Hops, but would also like some general information on all different types of hops…

That is a large subject. I would not try to answer the question but here are some links to hop information.


Hops are very sensitive to the terrior (sp?)- where they are grown affect the amounts of various bioactive compounds. So, many of the noble hops grown in Germany and the same grown in the US will be quite different. The same with English hops grown in US. And Northwestern hops grown in the East.

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Pfff hard to answer. Like what flars said. Me use both kind of hops. Hops from our host. And german man hops. Like saaz. Hallertau mittlefrue. Must say my knowledge not big enough. To tell the difference

In addition to @flars’ suggestions there’s the book, “For the Love of Hops” by Stan Hieronymous. Good history and background and not a bad read but doesn’t cover all the varieties. :slight_smile:

My palate isn’t as sensitive as some others are… Someone could really tell the Noble hop from a derivative, and others can’t… I wouldn’t spend too much time getting wrapped up in this … Unless your palate IS sensitive… Find out which ones you like, then employ them. Sneezles61


It was more a curiosity question then an actually brewing question. I will use whatever one is going to cost me the least amount of money. If I brew a beer using American hops and I enjoy it and plan on brewing it again, then the second time I will try using the European variety and see if there is taste difference.

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