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Did we talk about this yet? GMO Yeast

Not sure if this has been addressed but it has got me really imagining stuff both good and bad.

YUP… My reply GMO… OMG! :smirk: Sneezles61

See the discussion here

I imagine because of probable cost savings from not having to use hops, the Big boys will be all over this within the next 5 years or so. But with the current hysteria about GMO foods, when it becomes common knowledge that they are using it, then this will be another selling point in favor of Craft breweries. I don’t see any craft breweries sipping that Koolaid.

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Also as skittish peeps are, do you think it will even take off? perhaps without announcing it, (decepticon)… Sneezles61

I’m skeptical of the product but all genetic modification is not inherently evil. Depends on what it’s purpose and end result is IMHO.

I tend to agree, Danny. I don’t think anyone has shown that gmo is in and of itself bad, you have to get the whole picture. Like gmo soybeans-I don’t think anybody’s found that the soybeans themselves are harmful, it’s that they are designed to be resistant to roundup (glyphosate)-so the plants get doused with glyphosate (a known carcinogen).
Then the danger begins. I am pretty skeptical of the plants that are designed to produce their own pesticide. I just prefer mother nature to design what I eat. And drink haha.




I agree about GMOs as well- there are GMO crops that have been shown to be beneficial. One that comes to mind is the ‘yellow rice’ that adds vitamin A to rice which is often a deficient vitamin in many areas. I do however support the labeling of GMO containing products under the principle of being an informed public.


I’m pretty open minded about GMO. If done correctly GMOs possibly can overcome natural and man made barriers towards production (think viral defense rather than roundup ready). I’m afraid that we may not have a choice going forward but to rapidly adapt our crops to a rapidly changing environment. I am wary of the “playing god” aspect of adding genes that could never be bred into strains (i.e. animal DNA into plant DNA). But perhaps I’m even more wary of corporations patenting the world’s food supply to an even larger extent than they already have.
We’re mostly closeted scientists in the brew your own community so if your like me you’s like the chance to dabble with some frankenyeast. I just doubt you can ever get yeast to replace ALL of the chemicals that make hops great.

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