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Did hops direct sell out of centennial?

Look at 12:00 and they 2012 crop of centennial pellets for $15.95 ounce. Looked again at 3:15 and they were not listed.
Did they sell out already? Was it a bad year for hops?

They still have centennial leaf hops listed .

When I looked at their site the other day, they said they wouldn’t have 2012 pellets for another month or so. But that was before they updated their website, and that info has disappeared.

Probably just a website glitch - 2012 pellets won’t be available until end of the year or January-ish.

Centennial have been running low for a while. I can’t remember the last time Northern Brewer had them. And yeah, I’d assume this years crop won’t be processed and put out to market for a while.

All my sources tell me that Centennial is one of several varieties that will be almost impossible to get this year.

Freshops has 2012 right now for cheap. I need to go check my freezer.

Freshops has 2012 right now for cheap. I need to go check my freezer.[/quote]

I’d say get 'em while you can. Same for Simcoe, Amarillo and Crystal.

Hopsdirect just did a site update and they have 2012 crop on sale, too. A bit cheaper than freshops for the varieties I was looking at.

Looks like all you hopheads are in for a rough year

My homegrown Centennials were super weak this year - I bet I only got about 3 oz dried. Luckily I still have some stashed from last year.

However, my 2nd year Chinook put out a ton of huge cones - probably close to 2 lb dried. Awesome!

[quote=“inhousebrew”]Looks like all you hopheads are in for a rough year[/quote]$15 a lb isn’t bad. I think grain prices might be the killer this year.

Seems like there’s a run on grain right now - I stopped by the other brew shop in the cities today, and they were all out of Rahr 2-row. That’s pretty weird. I was there a month or so ago, and they were out of Carapils! They also had no Munich Lager yeast whatsoever.

What the heck? It’s kind of crazy for such a big brew shop to run out of standard ingredients.

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