I have a lite lager that is at its 4th week. I gave it a taste and has that buttery taste to it. I didnt get it up to the 68 degree mark for the rest. Will the buttery taste subside in time? I used Y2124.

Did you try giving it a rest? If so and it didn’t help, I have had luck repitching and bringing it back to the mid 60’s for a D-rest.

I did try to give it the rest but only got it up to 63. Ferm. was at 53. It is now kegged and carbonated.

I would pitch a pack of saflager, let it sit for about 3 days. Check then to see if diacetyl is still present. If so, let it sit a couple days and check again. If not present, cold crash it asap to get the yeast to drop. You should be fine then.