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Diacetyl Rest

So, I took a gravity reading to see how my larger was coming and had a chance to taste it. I am definitely getting some diacetyl in the beer. This is only my second larger and I didn’t do a diacetyl rest with the last one (came out pretty clean). Right now my gravity is at 1.020ish, started at 1.051. Been fermenting about a week. If I wanted to do a diacetyl rest at what point would I do that?

Right now, or ideally, a few days ago when gravity was closer to 1.025. It’s all good. Just do it right away.

Excellent. Thanks Dave. I’ll take care of it when I am home in a few hours.

+1, should be enough sugar for the yeast to clean up after itself.

I never do a D-rest anymore. I simply ferment in the primary for a month and the yeast take care of it with the length of time. I then take a sample with the hydrometer as I rack to my keg for another 2-4 weeks of cold lagering. YMMV. :cheers:

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