Destroyed hops

Ugh-- We had a huge storm roll through the Twin Cities last night, and it blew down a 50-foot tree right onto my Cascade plants. They were doing great too-- Third year, and I was expecting a nice harvest. Blah.

Hate to hear about your hops. I have been battling a spider mite problem and very dry conditions.

Bummer. Mine have been covered with so much water that I worry about mold. Hopefully some will survive for you once the tree is cleared. This has been crazy weather this week!

Aphids here. Our whole yard seems to be filled with them. And it’s raining so much here in Minneapolis that it seems the spray I use just keeps washing off and they keep coming back…

I’m having it the other way, too wet. My goldings are growing but not my glacier.
We’ve had way wetter springs here the last three years, the previous two killed off my old goldings and sterlings.

Sorry to hear that. Big pain to deal with that. Pretty tenacious plant from my experience, maybe some bines are okay? :?:

That was a hell of a wind in NE metro, got up around 3:30am and went out in backyard and watched it. I see Wunderground looked to clock a 50ish mph gust. I have an additional small plot of hops out on my mailbox and the wind took out the trellis. I’m lucky. :!:

HAAAAAAA, I’m such an idiot. :lol:

OP was June 19th. I got caught in that time vortex. Stupid wormholes… But we did have a storm roll thru last night though.