In October 2013 I’ll be taking a week long honeymoon in Denver and was hoping for some breweries suggestions and any other ideas of stuff to hit up while there. Thanks.

There are a ton! Falling Rock Tap House is a good place to get beers from all over the area in one place. Check out this map to help you out, too: ... lderdenver

There is not a shortage of craft brews in Denver or in the denver area, brekenridge is good I like odell in Fort Collins as well.

CO Springs is where I live and there is quite a few tap houses here as well. Rocky Mountain Brewery is fun hole in the wall but fun. Trinity Brewing and there is a fairly new place called Great Storm breweing have not been there but will soon.

Like the others have said there is a ton of great beer in Denver. The bottle list at Falling Rock is a don’t miss and I wouldn’t miss Crooked Stave’s taproom.

Sucks for your wife, cuz there’s plenty breweries to keep you busy for the week. I went there for 6 days a few weeks before GABF and hit 17 breweries. My favorite was Renegade. They had a great imperial porter and triple IPA. Bull and Bush was interesting because they will serve the beers in a french press with fresh hops in it. North River was good and is just up the street from Falling Rock. A couple newer breweries that were good are Wit’s End and Trve(True). If you make it up north a bit there’s Left Hand, Avery and Oskar Blues. After all this check out the Denver Biscuit company for a hangover cure (I liked the biscuit with fried chicken, cheddar, bacon and gravy). And to make it up to your wife after, if you guys are into interesting and extremely tasty food, check out Euclid Hall.

Dry Dock Brewery in Aurora. They also have a great LHBS attached to the brewery. Also, as mentioned above, hit up Fort Collins for Odell because they don’t make bad beer. I usually skip over pales and go straight for IPAs, but I love their 5 Barrel Pale Ale. Also their sour brown The Meddler is phenomenal.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have a buddy that was out there this year for the GABF so he gave me some ideas as well as some internet searching I have found an endless list of places that sound like a good time but figured there would be some people from the area/frequent travelers that had some good ideas as to where is a good place to stop. I think we will be heading to CS for a day as we both have friends that live there. And actually when thinking of places to honeymoon I half heartedly said Denver and doing a brewery tour she was all about it. She enjoys beer and trying new stuff that we can’t really get in Iowa almost as much as me, part of why I’m marrying her haha! Any input on the booze cruise/brewpub tours they offer in Denver? I’ve read up on a few and wasn’t sure if it was worth the time/money or if I should just make a list and walk/cab it on our own. Thanks again!

Check out “dad and dudes breweria” it’s in Aurora, which is a suburb of Denver. The dude working there was nice enough to give me a “tour” our their homebrew setup…which is basically what it was. GREAT pizza also.