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Denny's favorite 50

Can someone tell me what this yeast smells like? I made a starter with it last night and I thought it smelled weird, kind of peppery like a saison yeast. It definitely got hot when it was shipped to me. It was 102 degrees when I took it off my doorstep.

102 wow, I would dump it. Never used Denny;s yeast but I wouldnt be using anything that got that hot except maybe lacto

As you might expect I’ve used that yeast a lot. I can’t recall ever having an aroma like that.

Bummer, down the drain it goes.

I’ve never had a smell like that from Denny’s yeast. I just brewed a rye PA with it then washed the yeast and stuck it in the fridge. You didn’t have them ship it with cold packs? Once it gets hot out its worth it.

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