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Dehumidifier in Chest Freezer

So… for those of you with chest freezers with digital temp control, how do you go about taking care of humidity in there? I have a couple small EvaDry “passive” dehumidifiers w/ the renewable silica, but i was wondering if there’s another way? a “plug in” type, perhaps?

I just built a keezer, out of a 2005 chest freezer and the runner seal doesn’t hold well because the hinges don’t line up to accomodate the new collar where the taps go. so i’m trying to think of my options.

as far as i can tell, they are:

  1. build a custom hinge, and maybe add rubber seal to the top of the 2x4 of the collar, to complement the top of the chest freezer lid

  2. use an “active” (plug in type) dehumidifier, with the power cord running out of the freezer, and figure out how to seal the area where the cord comes out of the freezer

  3. buy a shitload of small evaDrys. inefficient , but an option, i suppose.

my chest freezer’s about 15 cubic feet.


that should be 1, 2, and 3, not 1,1, 2. that was a dumbass move

I don’t have a keezer but I do know that dehumidifiers produce heat. The air would need to be circulated out of the keezer through the dehumidifier and the dry air back into the keezer. Might take too much duct work for optimal operation of a dehumidifier.

Others will have the best method.

Damp rid.

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Edit: Spelling

I just live with it and mop it out every once in awhile. Not a big deal and kinda comes with the territory unless you’re making tremendous amounts of water. When I change kegs I grab a wad of paper towels and sop up the water. I also hit it with disinfecting wipes every now and again.


I have a 10.2 cu ft and just wipe it up with a towel
once in a while and spray a little bleach/ water solution to kill anything that may be thinking about sprouting. I was going to try some dehumidification but it just didn’t seem to be a huge problem.

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^^^^^^^^^ Ditto Sneezles61

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