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Degasing Overcarbbed Kegs

I’ve got 4 kegs I prepped for a wedding that’s two weeks from now. I left them connected at high pressure too long, and all four of them are overcarbonated :shock:

I turned the gas off and have been relieving pressure a few times a day for maybe 5 days now, which has shown little effect (at about 40 degrees).

At this point I’ve taken them out of the fridge, off the gas, and with the rise in temp, they’re wildly carbonated.

Anyone have any tricks to getting the gas levels down? I’ve still got plenty of time, just wondering if I’ve overlooked an easy option.

just leave them unhooked and let off the pressure as often as possible until it is how you want it.

I don’t see why you can’t shake them to help take the co2 out of solution. Your not going to introduce any oxygen to the beer.

+1, but get them cold again. Cold, off the gas, degas often. The pressure will drop.

you could, but you will most likely create foam which will pour out the top when releasing the pressure.

take it out of the fridge and degas, cold beer absorbs more co2 and will be harder to degas

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