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Deciphering a recipe for a newbie

How does this recipe directions work

14 lbs US 2-row

2 lbs Vienna

1 lbs Cara-Pils

1 lbs Cara-Red

8.0 oz Crystal 40

Mash 153F 90 minutes ( cook the crushed grains for 90 mins at 153f or heat the water to 153f and soak the grains in the heated water?)

Mash-out 170F 20 minutes (raise and maintain the mix to 170f then strain?)

2.0 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (leaf) 60min (add the hops 60 minutes into the cook or when there is 60 minutes left?)

2.0 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (leaf) 15min (again 15 minutes in or 15 min left?)

2.0 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (leaf) 0min (through a Hop Rocket) (hop rocket???)

The 2.0oz of H-M in the rocket really bumped up the hop aroma & flavor. It’s a touch too much hops for an exact SA clone, but it’s soooo delicious.

Clarification on the fermentation time & temps, in this order:

  1. 14 days @ 50F

  2. 3 days @ 68F (gradual increase)

  3. 30 days @ 42F

The last foolish question I have is which ingredient is the yeast? Thanks for the help in advance.

Assuming you’ve never done an all grain recipe before…
There are lots of resources available on the web that cover how to mash your grains for an all grain brew.

Northern Brewer has some info here on mashing ... arging.pdf

You could start with something like John Palmer’s online ‘How to Brew’ is also a great resource on brewing and building a cooler mash tun.

You can also google BIAB brewing for info on mashing in the kettle with a bag.

have fun!

Danny is right. You are asking all very good questions, but it would take a book to answer them all. So, check out any homebrewing book and your questions should be answered. is a great place to start.


Your yeast question isn’t foolish at all; there isn’t one listed! It looks like Wyeast Bavarian Lager is used most frequently with that clone.

And +1 on How to Brew, it’s a very good resource.

If you live near Madison, WI the technical college is offering a course. After taking that you will become zen with beer making. Don’t worry about the books, concentrate on the courses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most profound advice you’ve given on this forum.

Even more profound than the razz icon next to it. :shock:

Most profound advice you’ve given on this forum.[/quote]

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