Debittered hops

Anyone use these. I picked up some debittered Citra hops 2.4% AA. Supposed to be able to load up without adding a ton of bittering. I added a little in the boil kettle adding more for dry hopping. Second thinking maybe add more to the boil kettle. Us regular hops for dry hopping

I was not aware that such an animal existed. Interesting…sorta…want to hear your feeback.

Im not familiar either. Got them from Williams Brewing

They are actually cryo hop pellets

I’ve used cryo hops extensively and have had good success with blending them with the ‘regular’ style.

They have released a debittered hop they refer to as ‘American Noble’ hops. This is mainly the bract and strig of the hop. They are significantly lower AA% compared to the ‘regular’ style. I believe they are developing these to corner a market for imported noble hops as well as combat any shortages. In addition, there is no waste from their plants. From regular hops, to cryo, to American noble to hash. All parts of the hop getting used. Pretty smart really.

Nice. Like danny. Did not know that this hops was around. Keep us posted