Dead ringer

I wonder if anyone has an opinion or can help with this? I recently made a 5 gallon extract batch of dead ringer, and directly out of secondary it tastes pretty bad. i’m wondering if it needs some more time to condition. since i keg and do not bottle, i’m wondering if an additional two weeks in the keg is going to tone down the funny flavors, since most people bottle and two additional weeks is really built in to the bottling process. i did a yeast starter (wyeast 1056), primary fermentation for 10 days (between 62-65deg), and secondary fermentation for four weeks (70-72deg). dry hopped for nine days. I racked to the keg, force carbonated, and put in the kegerator. i was very meticulous with sanitation and racking. i even filled the secondary carboy and the keg with co2 prior to racking. after 24 hours in keg, it tastes kind of sweet bitter and then a very tangy aftertaste. not really citrusy but wrong. i have had two hearted and it tastes nothing like it. anyway, any opinion would help. does anyone have experience with this. i also have the black IPA in secondary right now so i hope that one goes better. thanks.

what was your FG?

Og=1.059 and Fg=1.011. It was only my second brew so I was still getting the evaporation losses correct. I boiled 6 gallons down to about five and half gallons. So it was a little more than a 5 gallon batch.

odd, a friend mine made the recipe and it tasted sweet and unfinished. He did state that it hadn’t been in the bottle (natural) for a week. Just a “greeen” beer. Yours on the other hand is either the ingredients or the process. If you are brewing the “kit” somehow/ somewhere something didn’t go as planned. Find yourself a judge that could take the time to let you know if the flaws are preseved or real… just my two cents.

I really doubt it’s ingredients. NB always has fresh stuff and Dead Ringer is quite popular. I did the AG version & had no problems.

Google search - Brew extract twang. There may be an answer there.


I just wanted to give you all and update on my dead ringer problem. Problem is no more. It has now been 12 days since I kegged the beer and now it actually tastes wonderful. I guess what I was tasting originally was just green beer. Since I’m a newbie, I guess I just did not know what that tasted like. Had a pint tonight next to several other commercial IPAs and me, my wife and a friend all thought that my beer was the best. Pleasantly bitter throughout with no funny aftertaste. Citrusy and minimally piny finish. overall i am extremely happy with how it turned out.

I love this beer(the commercial version too). It was the first beer I ever brewed years ago. Man was it fantastic when I cracked open that first bottle. I have brewed it a couple of times since but I really need to brew it again its been awhile.

Glad that your beer turned out to be ok.